The Department of Arachnid Research and Development was founded by Head Researcher Nomicakes, upon his unfortunate trip through his old building's ventilation systems. The goal was to locate an escaped specimen, yet Nomicakes found that he had somehow travelled to an entirely different facility.

The Department is located in the now-defunct office of the "Department of Joke Insecticide", which luckily provided a considerable number of potential specimens and feed for such.


The general mission of the Department of Arachnid Research and Development (hereafter referred to as DARD) is to collect, breed, and create old and new specimens of arachnids, primarily spiders.

Also on the dossier is research into hypothetical arachnid specimens located on Titan, alongside Elick320.

Current Known Specimens

Several types of arachnids have been seen around the Facility since Nomicakes' arrival; this is a brief summary of those known.

  • Large, Brown: Seen to carry, collect, and retrieve objects around the facility. Capable of teamwork.
  • Small, Red: Appear from Nomicakes' dusty, old lab coat. Seem to ve very prehensile, they use small objects to assist the Head Researcher, and bring him items from within his coat.
  • Enormous, Black & Green: Known specimens currently deceased. Used as bodyguards, or muscle to asisst with moving heavy objects.
  • Small, Yellow: Irradiated by NoahGoldFox by request. Current status unknown.