The Automotive & Military Department (sometimes abbreviated "Auto & Mil" or simply "Auto/Mil") is a department responsible for researching and manufacturing automobiles and general military equipment. It was founded by /u/KingBloops under the name "Automotive Department," but was renamed following the invention of the Turret-Car™.

Current Personnel



Sharon from the PR office

Approximately 250 interns

Several AM40 and AM50 Artificial Intelligence Units


The Automotive and Military Department is located in sectors 16A and 17A-17F. Non-department-members are not permitted in Sectors 17B-17F except with express written permission and a Security Drone escort. The department also maintains de-facto control of the country of Liechtenstein and the micro-nation of Sealand, as /u/KingBloops was declared Supreme Emperor following a successful invasion.

Service Kiosks can be found throughout the facility, and are marked with an orange "AUTO/MIL KIOSK" sign. Service Kiosks are staffed by AM40 Artificial Intelligence Units and operate 24/7, and accept all major credit cards.


Currently, the only commercially available Auto/Mil product is the Intra-Facility Transport Vehicle, or IFTV. The IFTV is a lightweight, low-profile vehicle intended for indoor use, and is powered by the department's own 45-horsepower, high-efficiency EB2 Blood-Powered Engine. The top speed is electronically limited to 25 mph (40 km/h), but the IFTV can run non-stop at this speed for a full week before needing to refuel.

The IFTV has fully-functional self-driving capability, though this can be disabled if the user pleases via a switch on the dashboard.

The department also produces several other military and civilian vehicles, drones, and other products, but has not yet released them commercially. Most notable are the RSV and APV military vehicles (drone variants are also available), the Turret-Car™ proof-of-concept vehicle, and the GT670 sports car. Also of note is a currently unnamed Formula One prototype built and owned by the department's racing team.