AngryAndroid, formerly going by a different name, is an android who serves as an engineer for the facility. Designed to resemble a female human, she has been dwelling in the facility for a long time but only starting interacting with the humans a while back in order to complain about a wild pack of screaming potato plants in Reactor [REDACTED].   

Found originally in the [REDATED] Lab wearing a ballroom dress with a note attached stating: 'Sorry, this was all I could find. -Barry.' and true origins or purpose remain unknown. 

Counterintuitively, AngryAndroid is only angry some of the time. When actually angry, however, she is known to crush people's heads with her bare hands like Roy from Bladerunner. 

She has never left the facility before and has a crippling fear of sunlight and baked goods. 


Unknown. Possibly called Barry.


Currently lives in the 8XC-P Workshop with a pack of, like, 20 koalas which she occasionally sets on people who either enter her home unwelcomed or entered welcomed and she just wants them to leave now. 


Works under the Dept. of Engineering, the Maintenance/Motorpool Dept. headed by /u/Taldoable and mainly works with maintenance, fixing machinary and equipment.